Mai Chau activities

Mai Chau activities

Are you travelling in Mai Chau and wondering what are funny activities in Mai Chau? Let’s discover with Eco Travel Go Green – and our Mai Chau activities guide.


1/ Trekking

Trekking in Mai Chau is the most interesting activity. Travelers have a chance to see a beautiul nature in this  mountainous area, rice fields,  real life of ethnic people, stream and waterfall.

When you’re trekking in Mai Chau valley, you won’t only be attracted by mother nature but also by unique culture of Thai ethnic people, a tiny traditional house nestled in a  green valley.

Trekking in Mai Chau

Tips: To see the real Mai Chau, travelers should go to a rural area or book a tour discover Mai Chau 2 days 1 night with Eco travel , to  have a real experience.


2/  Cycling in Mai Chau

VietNam is most popular cycling destination in Asia and Mai Chau  is a paradise for riders as it is not crowed by vehicles in sight ; mostly cows, buffaloes, chickens or ducks and all the lovely things in a traditional village in VietNam. In Mai Chau,most of the homestay will provide free bicycles or motorbike rental for a very decent price . This is really cool, isn’t it?

Cycling in Mai Chau

Tips : If you need any assistance or tour guide to cycle in Mai Chau, let’s refer Mai Chau 1 Day or Mai  Chau 2 days 1 night tour


3/ Swimming

The average temperature in summer is around 30 to 37° degrees, Mai Chau is quite hot in the summer, a perfect time to swim.

Swimming in the mountainous area with fresh air and enjoy sunshine party. Let’s see a list of swimming pool and waterfall or stream where you can have a great experience.

You can find a swimming pool in some hotels like Mai Chau Rustic Home, located in a small alley inside the village, This classy and fine decorated hotel has a swimming pool where you can relax and refresh yourself after outdoor activities in the valley. A great place to enjoy a drink !

swimming pool Mai Chau Rustic home

Other hotels as Mai Chau Eco Lodge, Sun villas, in a higher budget, can also propose a swimming pool.

If you prefer some natural baths, here is a list of places :

  • Mo Luong lake which is near Lac village. It is free to swim and quite a lot of local people come there in the summer.
  • Song Vang lake in Lang village Mai Chau, it is smaller than Mo Luong lake, but water in more cleaner.

Far from Mai Chau 25km, you also can find the beautiful Da river which is bigger than Mo luong lake and Song vang lake. You can do kayaking on it while a dive is possible in same time.

Not far from Da river, Go Lao waterfall is also ideal place for swimming in hot summer.

These are the most exciting  activities in an idyllic Mai Chau valley, be ready and discover Mai Chau to have a wonderful experience.

4) Various

Mai Chau activities are various such as farming , cooking , sewing .. Contact us to organize more “à la carte activities”

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