Mai Chau Informations

Mai Chau Informations

Find out all mains Mai Chau informations in this guideline. If you have more questions , send us a message.

Weather in Mai Chau:

Because it is a valley, climate in Mai Chau is quite moderate and pleasant. You can go to Mai Chau all throughout the year. Summer is not too hot, and winter is not too cold either. But like any other places in the world, there are best months to explore this majestic place:


Best time to visit Mai Chau is from October to December

At that time, the weather is very please, a little bit dry but not cold. It is also a perfect time to contemplate beautiful Peach blossom and Plum flowers.

Ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling or trekking in the valley.


From May to June, the harvest season takes place. You can take a stunning shot of yellow rice fields which makes  the landscape very special.


July and August are the hottest month and the rainiest ones. Big storms can occurred in the area and outdoor activities can become complicated to organize.


From December to March, the weather can be chilly, particularly at night. Homestays do not have heater but enough blankets to make you feel comfortable.


Getting there:

Mai Chau has becoming one of the main destination in the northern Vietnam. Located 140 kms from Hanoi, the trip will last around 4 hours. Some companies offer daily departures and it becomes an accessible place.

Our company provides a daily departure bus at 7.30am from the old quarter in a limousine bus with wifi and comfortable seats.

Option 2 will be to hire a private car. Cost is much higher but you will save time and could organize some stops on the way and even pass by Hoa Binh lake.



Different kinds of tours are proposed from Hanoi, from group tours of 1 to 3 days to private tours, which can be extended upon your request. The classic one day tour for short time travellers will take you for a cycling trip in the valley, discovering local customs and minority ethnics.

Some more adventurous 2 Days/1 Night  tours will take you outside the main valley of Mai Chau to trek in remote villages and to have a privileged relation with the local.

Our adventurous tour will take you to Buoc village in our high standard homestay with a pool and some cosy bungalows.


Cycling around Lac village - Mai Chau
Cycling around Lac village – Mai Chau

Where to stay:

Since Mai Chau has become touristic 7 years ago, many homestays appear in the valley for every level of budget. Traditional homestays offer dormitory in a stilt house and some of them some bamboo bungalows. You will share diner and the local rice wine “ruougao” with the hosts. Mai Chau Farmstay Riverside is the perfect example of what you will find in Mai Chau valley.

Thai stilthouse in Lac Village
Thai stilthouse in Lac Village

Other homestays have now grew up in the surroundings of the valley to propose an off-beaten track experience and a deeper immersion into the ethnic minority daily life. La Maison de Buoc in Buoc village, 20 kms away from Mai Chau, is on the top list of this type of accommodations.

La Maison de Buoc Hotel
La Maison de Buoc Hotel

Now, some more luxurious such as Mai Chau Eco Lodge or Mai Chau Villas offer private villas with full equipment in a modern style with a much more higher rates.

Mai Chau Eco lodge
Mai Chau Eco lodge

Things to  do in Mai Chau:


Cycling :

Probably the most popular activities in the valley is to jump on a bike and spend the day cycling around. A cool and easy way to visit the surroundings and stop in the multiple points of interest such as the handicraft shop, flower garden or just to admire the hard working farmers. The flat land makes this activity doable for everyone.

Trekking :

As it’s usual in Vietnam in most of the natural place , some trekking are also organized by travel agencies. The most famous one is to reach Chieucave , also called the 1000 steps cave. This walk up the hill will reward you with an overland view of the valley.

Other trekkings in remote areas are also proposed such as in Buoc Village, 20km away from Mai Chau

Trekking in Mai Chau


Swimming :

For the high budget travellers , they will get the benefit to swim in the pool of their hotel.

For those who don’t have this opportunity, other options are possible to swim in natural places. Mo Luong lake near Mai Chau lodge , Song Vang lake in Vang village near Mai Chau center are two lakes in the valley with easy access.

Going further , you could reach the Black River (Song Da) , 25kms away and stop on the way to Go Lao waterfall , 15kms from Mai Chau.

Various activities:

Many other things can be organized on demand such as fishing (classic way or using the traditional net) , farming or cooking.

Markets :

There are two main markets in Mai Chau district.

The first one , from the Thai minority ethnic , is open every morning in Mai Chau center.

The second one , is the Paco market. Located 50 kms from Mai Chau and part of the “green hmong” community. This traditional market is popular as ethnic people for the surroundings village meet there to buy and sell essential items. It’s also the opportunity for them to meet their lovers. Everybody is dressed with colourful traditional costumes.

Relaxing :

Beside to all the outdoor activities possible in Mai Chau , the peacefulness of the area is favorable to relax. Read a book in a long chair of your homestay , enjoy a Tra Da ( cold tea) or simply  share a conversation with the local family. Mai Chau is not a place to rush but a place to slowly appreciate every minutes of the ambient serenity.

If you need more Mai Chau informations, feel free to email us and we will  answer all your concerns.


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