Pa Co Market – Traditional Market in Mai Chau

Pa Co market in Mai Chau

Pa Co market is located 40 kms of Mai Chau center in Pa Co village. H’Mong are living in the area. This market has become famous for his folklore and his colourful atmosphere. It takes place every Sunday morning from 6am to 10am



Travellers visiting Pa Co market can live a real experience. H’Mong people joining the market dress with the traditional costume. They dispose all the products and clothes directly on the ground. In Pa Co market, they sell many handicraft brocades made by skillful hands of H’Mong people.



Besides handicraft brocades, you can also find many goods such as sticky rice, taro, meat, fish and so on. The food is produced by the local people. They bring handmade products to sell so as to use these money to buy essential items that they need for their family such as warm clothes to avoid getting cold in the winter.

It is  not only big merchandise market with H’Mong ethnic people but also it is the ideal place to find a lover. They wear the most beautiful clother to impress others. As most of the locals live in remote areas in small communities , this is their unique chance to meet their beloved. That’s why it is called the “love market”.



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