Pu Luong 3 Days – Hieu waterfall – the Experience

Start From: 150 $

Location: Ha Noi – Pu Luong – Ha Noi

Duration: Pu Luong 3 Days – 2 Nights (Hard Trek)

With the adventurous Pu Luong 3 days tour you will have the chance to discover beautiful landscapes and get closer from the nature and the local people. First day is an easy trekking along the river to discover some cultural aspects such as the impressive bamboo waterwheels or a duck farm. Second day will take you deeper in the Reserve to the hidden Hieu Village. Beautiful and unspoiled place. Last day, an adventurous trek to reach the biggest cave of Pu Luong, Doi Cave ( Bat cave)


  • Duration: 3 Days 2 Nights

  • Location : Pu Luong

  • 150 USD

  • Start : Everyday


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