Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Pu Luong Nature Reserve Informations 

Pu Luong Nature Reserve  is stretching between Mai Chau and Cuc Phuong National Park. The region benefits of rich forest , breathtaking scenery , limestone mountains , no end rice fields terraces  and high variety of fauna and flora.

Travelling to Pu Luong on the tours of Vietnam is perfect for the nature lovers wishing to escape the bustle of city life and see imposing mountain ranges, intact rivers and waterfalls, poetic villages, and immense valleys of beautiful terraced rice fields. Plus, a tour of a less-visited place like Pu Luong makes it possible to get off-the-beaten-path and appreciate the remote life and taste the local cuisine.

This region gives the perfect opportunity to get to know authentic Vietnam with its remote region and friendly and kind-hearted local ethnic-minority Muong and Thai that have their own interesting cultures and lifestyles.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is slowly gaining favour in the region and starting to see more tourist attention over the otherwise most famous destinations in the north, such as Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Mai Chau, and Sapa.

Weather in Pu Luong :

The terraced fields are popular and quite beautiful in Pu Luong valley and to appreciate this region at its most beautiful, you want to travel at the right time of the year. The best time to travel to Pu Luong Nature Reserve is between February to May and September to November when the rice harvest season is taking place. This is the time to fully appreciate the multi-layer terraced fields and lush-green landscape that will certainly give the breathtaking photographic moments. Plus, the weather is pleasant at this time of year with a temperature range in the region of 15-30° C. The warmest time is from June to September with highs of up to 38° C, while winter (November-February) can be chilly and cold.

Getting there :

The travel distance from Hanoi  is about 150 km. A daily limousine bus is departing from the old quarter every morning around 7.30am and arrive  around 1pm. The Limousine stops on the way to a local market at the impressive Thung Khe pass > you can find informations here

Second option will be to hire a private car. The trip will last around 4 hours.

For people already in Mai Chau , they can catch the limousine bus around 12pm or take a Moto taxi.

Tours :

A trip to  Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a popular 2 or 3-day tour destination for the traveler based in Hanoi who are looking to escape the city life for the peaceful limestone landscape in the countryside with its high biodiversity value, cultural interests and outstanding beauty. A trekking tour gives the opportunity to explore the rice paddy fields and lush forests. Trekking is the main interest as it allows some stops at several of the small and beautiful villages and give time to appreciate the stunning terrace fields in Kia, Kho Muong, and Hang villages. Also, this type of tour can include to spend an overnight in a homestay with a local family or to stay in a higher standard hotel.

Some new tours departing from Ninh Binh are now available to reach Pu Luong Nature Reserve if you don’t want to go straight to Hanoi.

Pu Luong can also be part of a longer trip that can include Ninh Binh and even Lan Ha Bay for 5 or 6 days. Information in our website.

It is one of the best places for the off-the-beaten-path adventure that is relatively close to Hanoi and makes it possible to see the most authentic side of Vietnam.

Our Tours

Where to stay in Pu Luong :

Pu Luong Nature Reserve can offer different range of accommodations. The most popular is the local homestay run by a local family. Nowadays, as it became more famous, higher standard hotels have appeared. Most of them are concentrated in Don village which becomes the most touristic area.

More isolated, you can find a luxury hotel in Bang village named Pu Luong Eco Garden. Composed of a main building with 9 deluxe rooms overlooking the infinity pool, they offer scenic views of the mountains and rice fields. Another stilt house is composed of 6 private rooms with shared bathroom and another one is for the dormitory. Restaurant , bar and a large swimming pool are part of this eco-resort. Some new deluxe rooms are inserted in the jungle on top of the main building. Definitely the perfect place to relax.


pu luong eco garden       infinity pool pu luong eco garden

Other hotels with swimming pool can be found in Don village such as Pu Luong Retreat or  Natura bungalow.

Some Homestays also tried to be more original offering some new styles accommodations as Ciel homestay, Pu Luong Glamping for example.

Everybody can find a suitable room according to their budget or desire.

Things to do:

Once you arrive , there are plenty of not-to-be-missed experiences, including:

Trekking :

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is certain to appeal to tourists looking to relax among nature and explore the mysterious beauty in this evergreen region of Vietnam. Walk along the mountain ranges, cross the streams and see the immense fields that create the pristine landscape that is perfect for capturing the photographic memories. Plus, there are plenty of scenic routes to follow on the trekking expedition. From the  easy trekking to discover the cultural traditions to the hard and long trekking deep in the Reserve to admire beauty of mother nature , you will be surprised by the friendliness and warmth of local people.

Relaxing :

For the travelers that simply want to relax, it can be your stress-free retreat. The local harmonious and pure atmosphere is perfect to simply lay back and relax. Whether it is walking in harmony with nature, sunbathing, swimming in a pool or in the river or fishing, there are plenty of things to do to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Swimming :

Some hotels have their own swimming pool to enjoy a refreshing swim after a trekking day as Pu Luong Eco Garden, Pu Luong Retreat …

There are also some natural places to go, two main places are available to refresh yourself in the water. You can swim in the Cham stream. Some parts are not deep and the water is clean.

The second option will be to reach Hieu Waterfall. You can join one of the group tour to trek until the waterfall or get a private car.

Various activities :

Other activities can be organised on demand such as fishing , farming or cooking class with a family.



Group Tours

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