Eco Travel Go Green: Our Story

Eco Travel Go Green Vietnam began in 2010 as two friends: Vietnamese local Manh Do and an American friend, Philip; furthered their wandering journey that led them to discover a paradise of landscapes in Mai Chau. With both having intense passion for tourism, deeper understanding of eco-tourism, and great concern to the locals, they pioneered the organized eco-friendly tours from Hanoi to Mai Chau.

They built their very own homey hostel called Mai Chau Nature Lodge to cater premium and authentic hospitality to both local and foreign tourist of Mai Chau. It was not long when the place was dubbed as the ‘Best place to stay in Northern Vietnam’ by Lonely Planet 11th & 12th Editions. Eight years later, Eco Travel Go Green-Vietnam grows bigger and better, but stays fully committed with its goal to take you to the most off beaten paths in the north of Viet Nam, while continuously advocating responsible tourism.


Eco Travel Go Green: Our Commitment 

In Eco Travel Go Green Vietnam, we care for the locals and the environment. We understand authentic hospitality and sustainable tourism. We know your desire to boundless freedom of a life in open nature, and we are ready to give in to your cravings to explore a seemingly limitless landscapes and greenery of the north.

It is and has always been our mission to take you there.

From our custom-made itinerary to ensure that you make the most out of our enchanting destinations, to driving you to the road less traveled, to letting you immerse with Vietnamese culture, to giving you the authentic countryside vibe, to making sure you get the best accommodation in town, and to indulging you into a real adventure – we got you.

Join our tours and see the raw beauty and magic of life in the northern part of Viet Nam!